Cinema Grade Camera Equipment (VIP)

For our VIP package we use a cinema grade video camera with a wide angle lens specially selected for real estate videography.  We mount it on a gimbal to produce stable tracking shots to add movement to our video tours. 

Footage is recorded flat to record a high dynamic range to preserve as  much detail in the shadows and highlights as possible.  Raw footage is recorded in 6K with a widescreen cinematic aspect ratio 3840x1644 at 60fps which delivers detailed quality and allows our editors to slow down the footage to 23.976fps.

We are constantly optimizing our hardware and software configurations to deliver the highest quality video walking tours in the industry.

Light Weight Camera Equipment

Technology is amazing and at Eleglance Virtual Tours we embrace the benefits that a light weight camera rig brings to the table.  Our videographers are skilled at aquiring stable footage using a Pro grade mobile devices. HDR video footage is aquired with a wide angle lens on devices capable of UHD 21:9 aspect ratio (ultra wide cinematic 3840x1644) at 60fps.

The gimbal keeps shots smooth and stable and all footage is recorded at 60fps which is then slowed down to 23.976fps in post by our editors to produce a buttery smooth final product in cinematic 4K.


We always photograph with professional grade camera equipment with large CMOS image sensors and wide angle lenses.  Each photo is shot in RAW capturing as much exposure information as possible preserving maxium detail in both highlights and shadows.  Photos are individually reviewed and color graded to produce sharp high dynamic range images.

360 Photos

Do you want to interact with the photo and look around?  We can help with that.  We have high end 360 cameras that we use to acquire crisp equirectangular photos that are processed and shared on our platform for your visitors to interact with on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Aerial / Drone Photography

Looking for professionally acquired aerial photos/video? We've got you covered.  We are equipped with an expanding fleet of drones capable of acquiring high quality aerial photos/video at various resolutions to suit your production needs.

FPV / Cinewhoop

Most camera drones are great at acquiring buttery smooth slow moving cinematic footage.  Some of you might be looking for something a little faster and more dynamic.  FPV cinema drones produce a fluid, Roller coaster like video style commonly used in faster paced productions like car commercials and music videos.  Our FPV drone is great for outdoor content while our smaller Cinewhoop style drones are great for tighter spaces.