We Go Way Back!

Patricio and Lance have known each other for the longest time, starting back in 2005 during their time at Rogers Television.  At the time, Patricio was an on-air promotions producer while Lance was the Web Content Coordinator.  Since then, Patricio went on to produce commercials and promos for various networks television and various digital screens across canada and after several additional years at Rogers, Lance found a new home with Honda Canada maintianing their website portfolio.  While their careers have taken them on different paths, their relationship has remained strong.  Eleglance Virtual Tours marks their first opportunity to re-unite professionally:  Lance handling the platform and Patricio handling marketing and production.

Talented Professionals from across Ontario

Our whole company works together... remotely.  That's right, we don't have an office.  We don't need one.  COVID-19 taught the world that it's okay to run a business remotely, and that's how we operate.  Designed ground up to be a remotely driven organization, we meet and collaborate over web conferencing for regularly scheduled meetings and as necessary througout the week.  It's an excellent setup that allows each of us to maintain a very healthy work/home lifestyle while delivering excellent service in a timely manner.

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